Thursday, June 5, 2008

Quilter's Home is Home at My House!

The newest copy of Quilter's Home arrived at my house today. I've been waiting and waiting for this one because Mark included me in one of his articles. It's an amazing thing this blogging world. I wrote about Quilter's Home in a previous post and before I could say "I can't believe I'm talking to him" it was "him" on the phone! Mark Lipinski! The end result is on page 32. You'll have to buy the magazine to read it!

If you're curious about the post I wrote that put me on page 32, you can read it by clicking on the link below. Because of this, he came into my booth at market to meet me. It was a kick! (:

So last night I settle down to READ the magazine cover to cover and SURPRISE! It's our Mary from Mary's Cottage Quilts on page 68! . Everyone who meets her loves her! She has an infectious smile and she's so darned sweet! She designs beautiful quilts too! (: So here's a picture of her from Quilter's Home magazine...

But if you click on the link below, Pam Kitty Morning has captured the Mary we all adore. Don't you wish you could meet her?

So if you don't already get Quilter's Home Magazine, better pick up the latest issue. Thanks Mark! We love you (: Check out his house and garden on his blog! It will take your breath away!