Saturday, June 7, 2008

This could go on all day!

This could go on all day. I'm cleaning my studio and what a mess I've created! It started off as a normal morning and I had a list of projects I wanted to finish. Funny thing is that every time I feel like I've got too much to do or too many things on my mind, my brain says "let's pull everything out and clean!" So that's what I've been doing. Of course now I have piles of things all over and it looks MUCH worse than when I started. Logic tells me I'll be happy when I'm done but right now I can't see the forest for the trees!

Do any of you ever do this? You get overwhelmed so you just stop everything and start cleaning? I have no idea where this come from, but I hope I'm not alone. It's really sick if I'm the only one LOL! I've been known to rearrange furniture, throw out all kinds of things, and pretty much exhaust myself before I'm done. When I'm done, I ALWAYS feel much better and of course the good thing is I have a nice clean studio to work in!

In the middle of all the cleaning I HAD to stop and post these photos for all of you. These are the "after" shots of my frenzy. First I pulled all my wool off the shelf and rearranged it in neat stacks (yes, I said stacks). Then I put Bitty Bunnies, and my prototype of Bitty Kitty in front of the wool. The Bitty Kitty you see here was one of my rejects. The first mouse I made was way too small (the tiny brown one) . Then I made a larger mouse, and I thought it would be so cute in peach wool, but it actually looked a bit anemic. So my rejects are now at home in my studio! They don't go into the garbage unless they are REALLY bad.

Remember these little bears? I found them stuck in a basket. Out they came and now they are doing a line dance in front of my fabric. You'll find this free pattern on my web site, at the bottom of the page Now you can make a line of little dancing bears!

In the same basket was a poor single little bitty bird. Look where she found a home! She's on my wall, perched on a kitty picture. She loves it here!

I put all of my ric rac on a shelf and realized I have bolts and bolts. So soon I'll add some grab bags of trims to my web site. You'll be able to buy assorted bags of those fun trims I use in my patterns! You never know what you might get (: Coming soon, I promise.

And remember the pink polka dot boxes I bought from ? Well I LOVE them. They are the perfect size for each of my projects so I just ordered a few more boxes. Each project will get a tag and it's own box. How's that for organization?

Wow, it looks so good in here if you just look at the photos. Glad you can't see the rest of the studio! (:

Back to cleaning.