Saturday, November 7, 2009

Super Squirrel!


Ok, she’s not really a squirrel, but that’s our neighbor’s nick name for Chelsea. She’s about the right size, and I have to admit she’s beginning to look like she’s storing up for winter! Yes, I’m still trying to control her eating and I’ve added two walks a day. Walks as long as those little legs can go.

Both Chelsea & Bitsy are loving all the names coming in for the real Bunny Hill squirrel. Some clever names out there! I’ve received lots of emails with the cutest stories! Seems feeding squirrels is a popular past time. Amazing how many of you have them eating from your hand!

Here’s a handful of names so far: Calli, Olivia, Butternut, Muffin, Netty, Ginger, Clover, MiraBelle, Fleur, Hershey, Hazel Nut, Tillie, Sadyee Squirrel, Topher, Daisy, Miss Nellie, and on and on! This is so much fun! Thank you one and all. Keep them coming!

Remember, you have lots of time to think of a name. Thanksgiving is still a few weeks away. Yes, you can submit more than one name and it can be on any blog post through November 24th.

I’m sewing all weekend and finishing up my first “little” pattern for spring market! Hope your plans include some sewing time. Remember the holidays are coming! Think of the things you still have time to make! Here’s an idea of something to make; hop over and look at at Rebecka’s stocking using the bunny from “Rabbits Prefer Embroidery”! Really cute Rebecka!

And, if you’d like to know more about photographing your own dog, click on the link below, enjoy the pictures, then click on the “how to photograph pets” link. You’ll get some great tips! (Scroll down into the comment section and you'll see the cutest hot dog!)

25 Inspirational Dog Portrait Photos

Have a great weekend everyone!