Thursday, November 5, 2009

It’s Tisket A Tasket Day!

Were you expecting a turkey in the basket? Well here’s the problem…I can’t appliqué a cute turkey. At least not inside a basket. Just can’t do it. You’d be asking each other “what happened at Bunny Hill?”.

So, because of my turkey problem, you get a squirrel in your basket! She’s a staple here at Bunny Hill. I’ve used her in several other patterns, and there’s no doubt you’ll be seeing her again. She’s got a bushy tail and she’s plump. Pleasingly plump! And the best thing is, she’s EASY to appliqué!

Block eveven applique

If you read my newsletter this morning, you already know about my contest. If you don’t get my newsletter (you can sign up on my blog), here’s the information on the contest:

Name this little squirrel, and you could win a Bunny Hill gift basket! Post a comment or email me with the name you love. If we choose your name, you’ll win this gift basket! (If you already have the pattern, you can choose another.) I’ll announce the winning name on November 26th. You’ll be seeing my squirrel in future patterns, only next time she’ll have a name!

Gift Basket

Good luck! Employees and family members of Bunny Hill Designs are not eligible to enter regardless of how brilliant the name might be.

And to see the beautiful wool version of A Tisket, A Tasket hop on over to Cottons ‘n wool!