Tuesday, November 3, 2009


November has arrived can you believe it?  I’m a few days late, but I just turned over the calendar to November and let out a gasp.  It’s a short month, made even shorter with Thanksgiving.  Christmas is barreling at us full force! Are you ready?

When I get too busy with projects, I have a tendency to wander off for a bit and create diversions. A really bad habit, and I admit, part of my character.  I was thinking about the newsletter I have to write, the projects I should be working on and instead,  I picked up the camera and took few shots in the studio. 

Here’s my first glitter house purchase for the season, right from EBay! Yes, it’s pink and it’s occupying a place in the studio right now!   

Sugar House 

How about this one?  My jars of buttons on the studio work table.  See the jar in front?  It’s a vintage refrigerator jar and it’s filled with glass buttons (also an EBay purchase).  I angled the camera not the table, don’t worry.   

Jars of buttonsAnd then I thought, I wish you could see how beautiful the Cosmo Multi Work floss looks in my antique cabinet….so click went the camera.

Cosmo Floss

It’s hard for me to even sell these!   And to think we have three drawers like this!  I love looking at them.

What do you do when you get “overwhelmed” with things?  Are you the diversion type like me?

Hopefully I’ll be back on Thursday with block number 11 (just kidding on the hopefully part).  I’m going back to work. Right now.  I promise!  Ok, I’m going!