Friday, October 9, 2009

We are here!

Hi everyone!  We’re in Houston and happy to be here!


I have two rooms at the Hilton.   Here’s the view from one room…

The convention center…

Houston 2009 013

Downtown Houston….

Downtown Houston

And here’s the view from the other room…

Top of the Toyota Center and the air conditioning/ducts. 

Houston 2009 017

Guess what view I have?  This one!  The good news is we don’t spend much time in the room. 

Here’s the walkway from the hotel to the convention center.

Houston 2009 023

And then of course once you get inside the convention center, you see lots and lots of crates and boxes….

Moda boxes More Moda Boxes

And we just happen to be right across from the Moda booth…fun to watch the set up…

Houston 2009 045

And the Moda Home booth…

Houston 2009 049

And all over market you can see the most amazing props being set up. 

Props are set up

Walls are being painted!…

Houston 2009 053

And at our own booth, we have so many things to do!  We brought this chandelier to hang, but only 5 candles, so now we have to figure out how to make it work. Candles are impossible to find right now. 

What to do!

And this little gal is going to fit right in our booth.  Isn’t that the cutest bow?

Houston 2009 037

We’re waiting for boxes to arrive at our booth so we can finish set up. 

More to come from market as soon as I get a chance to post.   Sample Spree tonight!

Wish you were here!