Thursday, October 8, 2009

I Loved Designing This Quilt!

Every time I start a new appliqué quilt I’m in heaven.  I love the process, feel of the fabric, drawing,  re-drawing, the prep work and finally seeing it come together.  It’s a labor of love and one I can’t live without.   Pure joy for those of us who love appliqué!

“Le Jardin” was especially fun.  I love the fabrics with their vintage look, the faded reds (or pinks as I call them) next to the bright reds, the gray tones, the beiges, and the creams.  “Rouenneries” is a wonderful line. I dare say  these colors will look good in almost any room!  I have a pale pink dining room that’s calling for “Le Jardin”! 

IMG_0002 (6)

So which block is my favorite? Should I tell?  Ok, it’s block seven, the cottage.  If I lived in a French garden, it would be in this house, with heart topiaries in my front yard and a rabbit weather vane of course! 

block7 (3)

If you’re reading post this today (Thursday) we’re probably hanging this quilt in our booth right now!  It’s set up day and that means working till you feel like you can’t work another minute!  I’ll take pictures I promise! 

You can find the pattern here on our web site.  You will love it!  The drawings are full size and each block has a large color photo inside the pattern.  You can see EVERY fabric I used. 

Miss you all!  Wish you were here!  I’ll try and post from market for you!