Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sample Spree and Day 1

Quilt Market is the treat after all the hard work. It’s just so much fun to see everyone and you can’t imagine the creativity and production that goes into making all this happen.

We spent the day trying to assemble our booth. Brigette and Nancy were in charge of putting up the bed.

Brigette and Nancy fix the bed

And remember the chandelier with the missing candles? We tossed the candles and added jelly strip bows.

Houston 2009 078

And slowly our booth came together.

Houston 2009 081

Houston 2009 082

Bitty's are here

Lynette Anderson came by with the cutest Keds ever! Did you know you can have shoes made out of your own photos or fabric? This is from one of her fabric lines! She promised to send me a link to the site. I’ll share when I get it.

Lynette's keds

Then it was off to sample spree…

Here are my bunny helpers setting up our table! And see the crates of boxes at the end of the room?

Sample Spree 2

That’s Moda fabrics and bundles just waiting to be unpacked.

Sample Spree 1


Set up begins

and more fabric…

Fabric, Fabric

and then the tables were empty,

Empty Table

because of a certain person who shall remain nameless, but she did come to market with me and we do have the same name.

Filled with fabric

She’s helping the economy!