Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Studio Stage One

Often when you change one thing it has a tornado effect. 

While I was at quilt market my husband, Ross, built IKEA cubby shelves in the studio closet.   Building shelves in a closet = chaos.  Everything has to come out. Everything! 

Remember that built in ironing board I had in the closet?  It’s now sitting in the center of the studio.  Hard to iron when it folds down to the floor.   

Iroing Board closed

And the cabinets that were calling the closet home?  They made their grand entrance into the studio and are now sitting in front of the bookshelves.  No reading for us!


At first I was going to give these cabinets away, and then I thought, if I can only make them look a bit more shabby chic, I can use them in the addition.

Having an obsession with knobs,  I ordered these from Anthropology…

Box of Knobs

And settled on this one…

Pink knob

Soon it will be replacing these wood knobs for a bit of shabbiness…

Wood knob

Do NOT call or email my husband to tell him what these knobs cost.  He would NEVER understand about pink knobs, and chances are he won’t even notice when the wood knobs are gone.

And the new Ikea shelves?  I love them! They let us SEE what we have.  A novel concept to see what you have in a closet, don’t you think? 

New shelves

And when we don’t want to see, we can close the closet door and it’s bye bye cubbies!

Close the door

Yes, Ross painted the panels on the doors to match the room.  His special touch!

Brigette and I are having a great time working around the extra cabinets in the room.  We’ll have to live with them in front of the closet until the addition is built. Something tells me this is the easy part.

If you have an Ikea near you, the shelves with the cubbies are wonderful.  You can store a LOT of fabric in them and see it all!  I think they cost less than the knobs.  Slight exaggeration! Maybe.

Back soon,