Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gift of Words

If, as wee babes, we could each select our own special attributes, I would have chosen the gift of words.  The ability to write what we want to say with eloquent, flowing words.  Priceless!

Words for you

Now, please don’t get me wrong,  I don’t think I’m “horrible” at writing, but I really have to work at it. I write and then re-write everything.  And, then sometimes I go back and write it again!  If you have a blog you probably know what I mean.  It’s not easy.  Unless you have the “gift”.

As I read the article written by Patience Brewster, in the current issue of “Where Women Create”, I realized she has the gift of words.  I read her article three times and each time I was inspired or moved by something that she wrote and how she said it.  If you haven’t seen this issue of the magazine go to Barnes and Noble right away!

Where Women Create

Patience is featured on the cover of the magazine and her studio and artwork are simply beautiful. 

Jo Packham, the editor of “Where Women Create” also has the “gift”.  I read every editorial she writes, and I love her style.    She always says something that inspires me to keep on creating.  And, now she has a blog of her own!  You can find Jo, and more pictures from the photo shoot with Patience here!

And, in case this isn’t enough excitement for the day, click here and you will be at the new web site for Yoko Saito in ENGLISH! You can order her books and products online from this site! 

Today is a good day.  Get inspired by these wonderful artists!