Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We loved it!

We arrived home yesterday, landing in a huge storm. The passengers all clapped after landing. It was bumpy, rocky and the pilot flew right through the thick clouds on a wing and a prayer. I’m so glad to be home!

If you have fun, meet a lot of new people, and laugh a lot, it’s a successful market! We had a great market! Here’s a few of my “cutie” pictures from market.

We ran into the APQ girls the first day, wearing PAJAMAS! They had a kick off going that was clever and creative. Slippers too, oh my how cute is that?

American Patchwork

And remember that cute trailer with the red dots I showed you in the Michael Miller booth? Look at the finished version! The back is open and filled with water bottles! It’s surrounded by large trees and I swear you’d think you were camping. It was darling!

Michael Miller

I ran into Pat Sloan in the hallway. She’s as cute as ever. Don’t know how she does it!

Pat and Anne

Then Mark Lipinski came along. I’m sure he’s been called cute way too often! Must be the eyes. Looking good there Mark!

Mark & Me

And speaking of cute, just look at my friend Kimberly , owner of The Fat Quarter Shop! She is just so dang cute and can you believe she just had twins?

Kimberly and Me

And Jennifer from Shabby Fabrics! She’s another friend and a “cutie”.

Houston 2009 125

Here we are packed up and ready to leave. Anne B ran over and addded the pumpkin. Cute!

Kind of cute

And just before we left Anne Bryson handed me this birthday card…


Chelsesa’s not so sure how cute it is!


Next post I’ll share the one person who I admire so much I cried when I met her!

Hugs to everyone!