Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Bitsy!

Happy Birthday Bitsy Button! She turns 14 today!

Birthday Girl

Did you know she’s a Libra? I knew it from the minute I saw her.  She has all the characteristics!

Friendly, warm and gentle

Good decorator, great with color and style

Well balanced

Hates conflict and always worries about hurting other’s feelings

Very intuitive

Can’t say no, and tries to make everyone happy

She’s a Libra for sure! LOL!

I’m leaving for Houston today, so all I can do is give her a big birthday hug. 

Frankly, I think she’d rather skip this birthday and not have a big deal made of it…


She’s a simple girl, happy with just a few throws of her favorite toys…

Bo Bo's My Favorite Toy

She knew I was leaving the minute I got out the suitcases yesterday.  Both her and Chelsea were so sad this morning!  I’ll have to call later and sing a few rounds of Happy Birthday.  I’m not so sure it will help.

Missing Mom

I know both doggies will have happy smiles when I return next week.  Nothing like coming home after a trip. 

It was really hard to leave this morning, but I promised them lots of pictures.  Chelsea requested photos of dogs can you believe it? 

Happy Birthday Bitsy Button!  We LOVE you!