Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Yoyoville is under construction

Yoyoville is  happening here at Bunny Hill! We’re getting ready for our open house (quilt market)! Yoyoville will feature 3 model homes, all with different elevations and front yard landscaping.  The material is “Simple Abundance” from Moda.  The name just seems to fit!

Yoyoville houses

We’ve got an architect, project engineer, several construction workers, AND we can’t forget, the all important finisher, assembling Yoyoville.  It’s THE perfect town and can be constructed in any country. 

Nancy Ritter is my project engineer. She left the studio a few days ago with a box full of fabric and returned with this!

Building materials

Her instructions from me were to make four patches and  yo-yos.   Cut  fabric squares for the yo-yos, fold to find center, finger press,  glue baste yo-yos to center of square.  Simple, right?

Look at Nancy’s creation!  I’m calling it the “Ritter Maker”.  It’s amazing.  No more folding or finger pressing. Just lay your “Ritter Maker” (patent pending) on top of the square and plop in your yo-yo! You remove the Ritter Maker with the engineered scotch tape handle.

Ritter Maker 

Watch this! Place Ritter Maker on top of fabric square.

Lay on fabric

Add a thin line of glue to yo-yo and place in center of Ritter Maker.

Glue baste

Press to adhere, and remove Ritter Maker with special handle.  (That’s a scotch tape handle you’re looking at.) 

Place yoyo on maker

The Ritter Maker can be adapted to any size square.  It’s made from template plastic!

Now here’s the best part!  I’ll be teaching Yoyoville at our local quilt shop, Thimblecreek  on December 11th.  If you live in our area,  please join me for a day of construction fun!  Add a CLover Yo Yo MakerWe’ll be using the large Clover yo-yo maker, along with the “Ritter Maker”.  Nancy has promised one for every person in the class!

Thank you to my construction workers, Brigette Mason and Sandy Feigner.  Your yoyo talents are beyond belief!  And my finisher?  Anne Bryson get ready! I need your precision skills!

Hugs from Yoyoville,