Saturday, September 12, 2009

Go Into The Garden with Camera!

Don’t talk about the weather. Isn’t that some kind of rule?  Not in a blog.  It’s kind of like what you had for lunch,  or when you ask someone “how’s the weather”?   But you have to see this  iphone photo I took on our walk this AM. It was 101 here yesterday and today look at it today!

Cloudy sky

Cool with a few rain drops off and on.  Chelsea wasn’t impressed at all.  Too busy sniffing the dirt. Bitsy stayed home to work on her birthday list.   She turns 14 on October 7th.

Since I’m working in the studio all day, dreaming of being outside, I thought I’d share some of my backyard photos.  I follow a photography site and the challenge for the day was  “go outside and photograph your backyard”.  So I did! Try it.  Go into your own backyard with your camera in hand!

A glimpse of what's to come - Copy DSC_0768  Garden visitor

 Gray cat on green grass Itty Bitty Bug    







The beginning 







Perfect Rose


The garden stalker Yoyosquash

And below is a the garden bed from my old house.  I want it back.  Really.  Not the house, just the bed.

squirrels 012

Real Lambs

And all day today I’m dreaming of lambs.  Wish these were in my garden.  Maybe soon LOL!

Have a great weekend everyone!