Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It’s hopping around here!

It’s getting dark earlier now and the mornings are crisp,  though the days can still be hot.  Chelsea spends a bit more time snuggling under the covers (yes, I did just say that) and  Bitsy snuggles under her blanket, even after we are up and sipping morning coffee.  It’s September 1st!  Fall is right around the corner and so is Fall quilt market!


I’m seeing a lot of tails around the studio that don’t belong to Chelsea or Bitsy!  They are multiplying rapidly! Pure and simple tailsIf you’re missing a collar or two you can probably find one here. There are stacks piles of fabric all over the studio and little things like bitty appliqué collars easily get lost.

And yes, we have LOTS of yo, yo’s too!

Yo Yo Magic

One by one I am taking them out of those cute little candy jars and stitching then onto another new quilt.   “Straight stitching” is involved but not directly on the yo yo’s.  You’ll have to wait a few more weeks to see the end result.  Then we can make yo yo’s together!  Some for our pretty glass jars and some for our quilts! 

And of course September 5th is just a few days away.  Wonder what you’ll find in the basket this month? 

And, for those of you who are missing Anne over at Cottons ‘n Wool she’ll be back on the 5th with a new wool block to show.  For now leave her a comment telling her how much you miss her! 

Everything is happening at once!  We’re hopping at Bunny Hill! More to come soon…I can hardly wait!