Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Passion for Door Knobs

A passion for door knobs.  Not just any door knob, how silly would that be?  My passion is for glass door knobs.  Old ones, of the vintage kind.

It started while rummaging through an antique store.  There it was, just one.   The light, reflecting off the glass, caught my eye.  I fell in love with a door knob!  Before I left that store I had a collection of two! 

Two do not make a collection

I brought them home, my collection of two.  And what are you going to do with those, my hubby asks?  

Well this week, several years later, I can answer him.   I’ve been shopping on eBay!  I’m going to have a collection.  A real collection!  One day  I will think of something very creative.  They will be used to hang curtains,  towels, or something that will make you think I’m very smart… 

But for now, they will reside in this glass jar…

Knob JarWith one knob placed just outside the jar …

Closeup 2

…and maybe a bit of the old hardware close by…


I’ve created a vignette!

Crystal Beauties

Can you see why I love them?

What’s your passion? What do you collect that I might need want to collect?  

 Kiss, Kiss

Anyone out there collect lambs?  I do!


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