Monday, August 10, 2009

One Apron Judging is Enough For Me

First, before I start this post, I have to say I loved your comments on my last post!   I think I have something that each of you collect right here in my house.  I know that’s what my husband would tell you.  Thank you all for sharing!  I’m feeling much more normal right now.

Regarding the judging of Pat Sloan’s apron contest, no more judging!  I can’t take it.  The pressure is just too much.  I mean, why can’t I pick them all?  Every single one who entered the contest deserves a prize.  Soooo many cute aprons!  Never ask me to be a judge again!  Had to call in some judging help from Anne over at Cottons ‘n Wool

Vintage Pillowcase Apron 

Now in case you’ve been over to Pat’s blog, you might be a little confused.  This is the apron I picked as the winner, not the one on her blog.  Not that I don’t love that one too, and it’s a good thing they were both made by Jodi over at Simply This, Than and The Other!  But this one…this one is special.  Have you ever seen anything so cute? 

I can appreciate “cute” because right now my studio is such a mess.   I’m surround in fabric, papers, pencils, glue and other things I can’t find.  And it’s getting worse every day!  

Studio Mess

So Jodi, here’s to your darling apron, looking so pretty hanging on that cabinet door!  I needed something cute and pretty to look at.  Thanks for providing it.

And the rest of you who entered, I loved all your aprons.   Especially the one with the two little girls, the cute pockets, the four pairs of legs,  the Christmas Fabrics, the flip flops, the…you get the picture right?