Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Brigette Made Me Do it!

It’s Brigette’s fault.  Completely her fault.  She made me buy all of these vintage bobbins.  Insisted!   And now my dining room table looks like this! 

Spools in the Dining Room

Have you ever seen such a stash?  My table is filled with vintage bobbins!

Spool Collection

All types and sizes…

Hammered Spool

Row after row!

Spool Row

On and on it goes…

Waiting for prices

And as soon as I finish up with the mess project below…

Studio Mess

I’ll be listing these on my web site to sell…

Then you can have a display like mine in the photo below!  You’ll find this collection in my studio and I love it.  I wrapped all my vintage trims around these bobbins.  

Group of Vintage Bobbins

And grouped them in a pink enamelware tray! 

Bobbin Group

Or if you buy enough you can have a basket full! 

Basket of Spools

Bow: Courtesy of French General Tape Measure!

I have to sell these before Thanksgiving or we’ll be joining Brigette for Thanksgiving dinner. 

You can thank Brigette for this find.  She’s the shopper extraordinaire!  To quote her “I’m just doing my job”.  I’ll let you know when we have them listed. 

These are getting harder and harder to find (that’s what I told my husband when he saw the boxes arrive)!  He had no idea what they were.

Have a great week everyone!  We’ll be working on that mess project you saw above.  Appliqué believe it or not!