Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Have you heard about this?

Iraqi Bundles of Love...

It’s a great thing when one person can make a difference. Art La Famme is out to change a bit of the world. He’s the brain child of a project called Iraqi Bundles of Love, and after reading about it on his wife’s blog, I decided to jump in and contribute a “box” of goodies too.

Read about it here from Kristin La Famme and think about joining in. Just link over to Art’s blog, leave a comment and he’ll email you the address. Iraqi Bundles of Love is a good thing! These bundles will be distributed to women in Iraq who need the basics to sew clothing, quilts and things to make a living. Imagine a woman in Iraq opening a bundle…someone who loves to sew, just like us.

Here’s the start of my bundle. I need to add some yardage for things like dresses and shirts.


Tomorrow we’ll pack as much as we can in an $11.95 flat rate box and it will off to join the other bundles! If you decide to join me be sure and tell others about your bundle on your blog. Let’s spread the word and send Art bundles of love!

Speaking of bundles of love, here’s another one found in the Bunny Hill studio today. She’s sleeping in her “drawer” on top of my desk. Chelsea made me promise to wrap the bundle in her Chelsea Manor fabric!

Chelsea dreaming dreams

And FYI…

The spools are listed on our web site. Just go to and click on Notions & Gifts. You’ll find them under Gifts.

Vintage Spools

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Have a great rest of the week everyone!