Friday, July 17, 2009

Creative photo practice session

I LOVE the way Camille takes her photos.  You know the photos I’m talking about don’t you?  They have the tilt to them.  The angle that give the subject interest? 

So there I was yesterday, up in the studio, putting away my cotton ric rac (rick rack) that just arrived.  (Yes you can spell ric rac either way.) I get this great idea to take a picture for you! 

First I take this one…

Bookcase straight up

Straight up photo: bookshelf with new ric rac,  AND new French General pincushion that I LOVE! No awards here except for maybe the pincushion and the ric rack. So how boring is this photo I ask myself?  Why can’t I be more like Camille?

So I take another photo…camera tilted…

Bookcase with tilt

…made myself feel a little sea sick.  Had to move that big pincushion.  It almost fell off LOL!  How does Camille do it?

Let’s try again with my new bunny from Jennifer Murphy

Bunny with yellow cup

…Oh no!  I left in the pink file folder and that tacky yellow Tupperware cup I drink out of!  Can you believe I did that?  Oh and that pencil sharpener too! Tilt is there, but the background is SO tacky!

One more time and I’m sure I’ll get it…

Bunny with pencils and bookshelf

…Oh I think this is better.  Just a few lessons from Camille and I might have it!  Notice how the cup is gone and the shelf in the background is blurred.  She’d be proud of me! 


So now I try this one…tilt the PINCUSHION and leave the camera straight.  Pure genius.  Ok, I admit not quite genius. 

Pincushion with tilt camera straight

It does give me a chance to rave about The French General linen pincushion from Moda…it’s LONG, and HEAVY, and I just love it!  It’s weighted and I do mean weighted.  If you had two, you could do arm exercises.  There’s something about them that’s so cool. 

I have them on my web site so you can buy one too.  Just look under notions.   These are heavy (a little over 3 lbs) but we found we can fit one in a flat rate envelope!  It’s true!   Unless you live in another country or your postman has weak arms! 

Back to photography school…