Wednesday, July 15, 2009

She’s a good old dog…

Never thought this would apply to MY dog. 

I don’t know when this happened, but it happened almost overnight.  Bitsy has gray hairs. 

Bisty and Chelsea

Not only does she have gray hairs, but she’s almost completely deaf.  I get an ache in my heart just thinking about it.  She turns 14 in October and I’ll be at market during her birthday! She’s so much a part of the Bunny Hill Studio.  She’s always by my side (or Chelsea’s). 

Look at her in January of this year…

Bitsy Button

And today…

Rather Regal

This just isn’t possible!  This week for the first time she refused a walk in the morning. 

A nap on the studio day bed with a few friends is just fine thank you very much.  The three of them

She still plays with her toys and she’s pretty spry, but she’s definitely looking older regal.

I’ve named one of my new designs for her.  She loves it, so I guess that’s a good sign…“Bitsy Button”  is debuting at Fall market!  For all of you who have “good old dogs”…it’s for you too!