Saturday, June 20, 2009

Truth or Consequences!

A day like no other in the life of a Chihuahua.  On the scale and the numbers don’t lie.  Do they?  Well here’s the good news…Chelsea didn’t gain any weight.  She stayed the same!  That’s good and bad.  This little body needs to fit into a bikini soon.  30% of it has to be gone in order to do that!

On the scale

So she has to give up sewing for awhile and get into exercise.  Poor little dog.  Just when she was becoming so accomplished! 

Chelsea and her machine

I have to put her machine away.  No more sewing totes.  Maybe it’s a good thing because after sewing on this button….

Carry me bag

…she was exhausted!  She picked a winner for her tote and that was all she could do.  Too much to ask for a Chihuahua. 

Chelsea after sewing on a button

Wait!  Chelsea!  Before you nod off, who’s the winner?  Who?

Getchen # 47?  What did she write that you liked so much?

“Chelsea did a fabulous job helping with the bag. Hope I am the lucky winner!! Don't worry about the weigh in at the vet--everyone knows doctor's scales are always wrong.”

Well no wonder you picked her!  Those scales are WRONG!  

Congratulations Gretchen from Atlanta!  You win the tote from Chelsea!  Just send us an email with your address and Chelsea will get it off on Monday. 

Have a great weekend everyone! 



Anne & Chelsea