Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pure, Natural, Timeless and I love it!

I love this fabric!  AU.THEN.TIC by Sweetwater and Moda Fabrics.  It’s delightful, new and so creative! 

Authentic 1

And I’ll be using it this week in a new design.  I can’t wait to get started!   If I can just stop reading the fabric long enough I might get something done LOL!

Authentic 4

Just look at the fabric in the above photo.  Can’t you just see this in so many things?  I can!  I can appliqué and read at the same time.  Who could ask for more?

Authentic 5

Or how about this print?  It’s exactly how I feel when I look at it!  These words say it all!  So, so cute! 


Authentic 3What’s black and white (cream) and read all over?  Au.then.tic by Sweetwater!  

Authentic 2

So what do I have up my sleeve for this fabric from these two new mother/daughter Moda designers ? 

Stay tuned!  You’ll have to wait to “read” my quilt! 

I can tell you this…this fabric = cre.aaaa.tive fun!

Au.then.tic by Sweetwater!  Great reading!