Sunday, June 14, 2009

Making the bag! Let’s get started!

The most fun part of making the bag is opening up the Honey Bun Roll!   I love how they come packaged with each strip on top of another.   Lots of little Honey Bun “crumbs” all over now, but they can easily be cleaned up.  Just look at all this fabric!

Honey Bun Roll

Honey Bun Strips

I’m choosing assorted colors (thanks Dianne!).  It’s a gift, and I’m not sure of her favorite color.  Love the scrappy look and sure hope she does too!


Here’s what I picked for the bag: 

Honey Bun Strips for Bag Front and back

For the gusset strips I selected slightly darker colors. This becomes the bottom of the bag, and i don’t want light colors on the bottom.



Bag handles





Lining & Pockets:

Lining and pockets

I have all my pieces cut out, including interfacing, lining and pocket fabric and I’m ready to sew.

Note:  On the first printing the yardage amounts for the Timtex and the Craftfuse Interfacing were reversed on the pattern back.  It should read 1 yd of Timtex and 1  1/2 yd Craftfuse. 

If you only purchased 1 yard Craftfuse do this:

Cut 4 strips 1” wide x width of the Craftfuse and overlap two strips on each handle. Repeat for the gusset measurements. It will work and you’ll have enough interfacing.  

Sew all the strips together following the directions and then press the seams. Press from the front and then flip your strips over and press from the back.

And speaking of pressing…

Here’s where I iron!  No one ever gets behind this door unless they work here!  I have a built in wall ironing board in my large walk in closet that folds down!  The iron fits on the inside shelf when it’s closed up.

Iroing Board closed


Closet Ironing Board

I’ve sewn the bag  and the gusset strips together, pressed the seams and I’m ready for the Craftfuse Interfacing! 

Bag front and back

Press seams

Next post:  Craftfuse, gusset, lining and pockets

Stay tuned…