Sunday, June 14, 2009

Carry Me Bag & Timtex

What’s that stuff inside the Carry Me Bag called Timtex?   Well I can tell you this…without it, the Carry Me Bag would be wimpy and limp.  I left it out on my first prototype.  Oh my what a disaster!  Had to stuff the bag with paper to make it stand up!  LOL!

Timtex Interfacing

Can’t have that, so in came the Timtex!  It saved the day! If you haven’t used it, you may find it a strange beast at first, but believe me it can be tamed. 

Timtex is VERY stiff and almost feels like a soft cardboard.  The good news is that it’s 100% polyester, washes like a dream, and can be pressed into almost any shape with a hot iron.  

Some thought it had been discontinued and rumors were flying.  C & T Publishing picked up the manufacturing of Timtex and saved the day.  Why on earth would a publishing company manufacture interfacings?  It’s necessary for a lot of the projects in their books!  Look what you can do with it!

Timtex project from C & T

C & T is also manufacturing a lot of other  interfacings.  Some sound very interesting like the Fast2fuse Interfacings.  I’ll have to give them a try!

Normally when you are working with Timtex you cut off the seam allowance.  Notice in the picture above the seam allowance shows.

The cutting measurements in my pattern are minus the seam allowance, except at the very top of the bag.  I tell you to stitch it into the binding seam allowance for stability.  That’s the only reason.  You don’t stitch it into the side seams or the bottom seams.  I’ll show you in a bit…

Before I go onto my next post and start sewing my bag, I had to show you these photos sent to me by Diane Brown of Richmond Texas.  She has the cutest blog here!  She picked the “Sultry” Honey Bun and mixed all the fabrics.  I LOVE the look, don’t you? those Honey Bun rolls from Moda are so much fun!  One roll will make 3 bags!  3 not 2 like I say on the pattern.  How exciting is that?  One for you and two for gifts! 


Sultry Knitting Bag (3)

Thanks Dianne!  I love your bag.  Now I’m off to start sewing.  Back in a few…