Sunday, June 14, 2009

Making the bag continued…

Let’s add the Craft-fuse interfacing…

Craft fuse

Craft-fuse is wonderful, and it leaves any tote with a firm, but soft feel.   I’ve used it in the Carry Me Bag to give extra support to the sides, front and back. 

  • Use a dry iron when pressing Craft-fuse to the lining.
  • Check the front for wrinkles.  If you see any, lift the Craft-fuse and press again. 
  • Turn over and press the lining from the front. Don’t touch any part of the shiny interfacing with your iron or it will stick. 

Tip: Check that the width of your bag front/back is 7 1/2” wide.  If not adjust as necessary by trimming any extra from the bottom strip. 

Sew the bag front and back to the gusset section following the pattern directions!  Tip:  DO NOT STRETCH the curve.  EASE  around the curve  slowly. 


Sew bag front to side gusset

Bag front

Bag front stitched to one side of the gusset.   Repeat for the bag back and lining. 

Next I’ll show you how the Timtex fits into the bag! 

Back soon,