Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Carry Me Bag almost finished!


Let’s finish this bag!  Chelsea can’t stand waiting for me to get done! 

Follow the pattern instructions for lining and pockets and insert lining into bag.

This tool is wonderful for pushing out the points of pockets. You can find it at Joanne Fabrics.

Point tool

Time to add the Timtex!  Timtex is a little difficult to sew with but you can do it! 

If your Timtex has fold lines or is rolled, press it before you cut.  Put a pressing cloth over the Timetex and iron it flat.   Now cut to size according to pattern.

Insert Timtex into bottom of bag. Then insert  into each side of bag between lining and bag.  Pull up bag and lining to top of Timtex and pin in place.  

 Insert Timtex

Insert Timtex 2

Pull up lining and pin

Open up free arm of sewing machine and put your needle in the needle down position. If your machine doesn't have a free arm, stitch with the lining facing up. 

 Free arm

Place bag over free arm and machine stitch the three layers together.  Here’s a few tips for this part:

  1. The Timtex is awkward because it’s stiff. Be patient and don’t worry about bending it as you sew.
  2. Start stitching at one end of the bag and stitch as far as you can. Remember you can bend the Timtex and it will go back into shape.
  3. When it becomes difficult to stitch, backstitch, cut the thread and remove the bag.  (The only difficult part is the side section.  You have to pull the bag around the free arm a bit.)  Remember, the Timtex doesn’t break.
  4. Put the bag back in the machine and begin stitching again where you left off.
  5. Repeat this process until you have gone around the entire bag. 
  6. When you come to where you started stitching, backstitch and cut threads

 Stitch three layers together

Follow pattern for binding, button loop and button.

Sew on the ribbon and it’s almost done!

This is what your ribbon will look like when you attach it to the sides of your bag.  

Carry Me Bag Ribbon

And that’s it!  The Carry Me Bag is finished!  Chelsea’s so happy she has a little surprise for you tomorrow.  Are you ready?

Have a great day!



Anne & Chelsea