Monday, May 18, 2009

Stuck in Atlanta

I swear Pam Kitty has jinxed us. I have proof…


She’s here in the Atlanta airport! Pink sweater in the back of the zoo store. See her? Can you believe she would follow me here? She’s the queen for sure…PAM YOU WON! GET OUT OF THAT ZOO STORE and come and get your kitty crown. She must have been on the same plane as we were! And wait until you hear what we had to go through to get here!

We left the hotel at 3AM Eastern time, got to the Pittsburgh airport, even got on the airplane. Then the pilot announced the plane had a bad battery and it would take 3 hours to get it replaced. We all got off the plane, rebooked our connecting flights and finally left Pittsburgh at 9:40AM. I never saw her on the plane, but just look at that photo. She’s IN the store!

I’m in Atlanta until 7:45PM Eastern time and Pam is here too! By the time we arrive in Sacramento we will have been up for 22 hours That’s if you can trust my addition. Give or take a few hours. Pam wll be wearing that darn crown, probably on the airplane!.

So what do you do in an airport for 7 hours? You can blog! It’s time for some pictures! This one is for Anne Bryson over at cottons n’ wool. I saw this wool quilt in the special exhibits and just knew she would love it! Pictures 352

Have you ever seen anything like it? And how about this appliqué? It is so pretty! Unfortunately I only brought my 50MM camera lens so I can’t take any wide angle shots. Note to self…bring another lens next market.

Pictures 223 See this sweet innocent Brenda in the photo below? Well turns out the squirrel is perfect for her because wait until you hear what she did to me.

Pictures 169

Just before market started she came running over to the booth with what she said was an early birthday gift. I gave her a big hug and a thank you, wondering why on earth she was giving me such an early gift…and then the squirrely things started happening…

Next day EVERYONE was coming by my booth saying Happy Birthday Anne! Some even brought presents. Then Pam blogged about it and the emails started coming.

But when we went to dinner that night and the cake arrived I just couldn’t believe it! Seems my sweet, sweet friend got the markets mixed up! My birthday comes during Fall market!

Pictures 315

We still had a great time and the cake was “red Velvet! Brenda just made this market SO much fun and gave us so many laughs! Thank you my friend!

A really special quilt we got to see as we were leaving the convention center was “The Pittsburgh Quilt”. It’s thousands and thousands of little squares, all signed by the people of Pittsburgh, and then stitched together into quilts. The display was amazing. Pictures 209

Pictures 205

Pictures 204

Pictures 206

Pictures 208 Pictures 207

The Pittsburgh Quilt must be 16 ft. long, and it’s put together in gradations of color. It’s truly an amazing thing to see! The quilts are behind acrylics I’m getting a bit of reflection off the glass but you can at least get an idea!

Pictures 202

I just can’t wait to get back and see my pets and my hubby. I had hoped to have the day to spend with them, but it will be off to bed as soon as the wiggles and barks are over. No, not from my hubby, but barks from Bitsy, and wiggles from Chelsea. I can’t wait! Oh, and Bitsy is doing just fine. Her biopsy came back negative. She may be old but she’s a feisty one!

Hugs everyone!

Next time I write I’ll have more photos and it will be from my own studio! (I hope).