Saturday, May 16, 2009

Strange Day at Market…

Pictures 289 Bird Body Guard Hired by Bunny Hill Designs…

First thing when I walked outside this morning this bird was waiting for me.  I hired him as my body guard for today.  He eats Pam kitties for lunch.   So don’t worry.  Pam will never get me with this guy around.

Pam’s still stalking me, but I’m trying to ignore her. 

Pictures 256

I tried to get out today and visit.  Vicki Bellino of Bloom Creek was giving demos of English Paper piecing.  Look at that framed picture next to her!  Isn’t it darling?  I’ll be back tomorrow to get photos of her booth.

Pictures 279

And my friend Pearl from P3 Designs with her new Christmas Block of the month!    Pictures 281Elizabeth warned me that Pam has something up her sleeve like maybe even a kidnapping!.  But I have a body guard and remember I have kitties too!  Oh no! Does that sweet little white kitty of mine have her tongue out? Pictures 296

More pictures on Monday or Tuesday.  Tomorrow is the last day of market and it’s usually the time we can get out and about for photos and a bit of chatting with friends.  We leave on Monday AM at 5:20 for home! 

Be back soon!