Saturday, May 16, 2009

It’s A Scary Thing!

Hi Everyone.  Not sure how much longer I can keep this up.  Strange things are starting to happen here at market.  I’m being stalked by Pam Kitty Morning!  Ever since she and Elizabeth got here they are everywhere I am!  It’s really SCARY! I’m trying to be nice and smile like I don’t notice but…

Pictures 237

I have to hurry get my posts in.  Anything could happen. So let’s go…

Here’s the walkway on opening morning.  What a difference! 

Pictures 216

Pictures 218

Pictures 217

I am on a mad hunt for this pink wallet.  One of my customers has it and it’s PINK!  I may have to fly to the Seattle airport…that’s where she got it!

Pictures 229

Brenda and Carrie tried to steal some of my fabric from Sample Spree!  Can you imagine?  All I did was leave it in Carrie’s booth by accident!  This is a dangerous market!

Pictures 244

Mark Lipinski  came by and of course it got wild.  I heard his airplane story and if you haven’t heard I think you should ask him!  I’ll never tell…

Pictures 225

And Kevin and Debbie from the Fat Quarter Shop came by. I am so missing Kimberly.  She’s at home with Emma and the twins she’s expecting.  I can hardly wait to see those babies, but market isn’t market without her.   

Pictures 227

I have more pictures and a funny story about our dinner last night.  More to come later.  But it’s time to go to work!  See you later!  Wish me luck today, from you know who…