Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Set Up Time!

Welcome to Pittsburgh!  Here’s where we’re staying! 

Beautiful hotel and it attaches directly to the convention center.  If it’s raining outside (and the weather forecast says it will be soon) you just take the walkway over to the convention center.  No puddles to walk in, or messy hair!  Pictures 139

I have great helpers with me.  Sue and Nancy are waiting in the lobby for me to run back and get my camera.  See those smiles?  Don’t they just make you want to come into the Bunny Hill booth? 

Pictures 128And that walkway I was telling you about?  Well it looks down onto the convention floor!  We’re going to be setting up on this side, about 5 rows back…

Pictures 143

…and on this side all the way toward the back (look for all the crates) is Moda! 

Pictures 144

And then down the elevators and you’ll see this sign!

Pictures 148

It’s official! 

We wait to check in, get our buyer’s guide and badge holders…

Pictures 145

And by tomorrow the buyer/shop lines will be long…

Pictures 150

and the friendly staff will be busy, busy.  No time to wave…

When you look behind the registration desks, this is what you see…

Several of those bridges I was telling you about and LOTS of water!

Pictures 146

Even a yellow bridge!

Pictures 147

We arrive at our booth and get ready to work…see that steamer Nancy has?  All the drapes and quilts get steamed to get out the wrinkles…

Pictures 151

And as we were working, Carrie (Miss Rosie) came by to drop off a little present.  Wait until I show you what’s in this little box from her!  Nope, can’t show you now because one has a hurt ear.  Has to be fixed first.  I LOVE them!  

Pictures 152

So by the end of today we have moved along nicely. 

Bows were tied…

Pictures 156

The sign is ready to be hung…

Pictures 157

…and quilts are going up! 

Pictures 153

We were so tired we had to call it a day.  The 3 hour time change is really hard!  We treated ourselves to dinner at the Sonoma Grille.  Incredible!  The food was so good we made reservations to go back on Saturday. 

Pictures 158

Nancy had pork tenderloins with plantain… Sue and I had salads and sides…Pictures 159

My salad has a cucumber bowl! 

So tomorrow we finish set up and then tomorrow night is sample spree.  Then the next day is the start of market! 

Lot’s more pictures to come!

Wish you were here!