Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day two of set up

Time for the photos I promised.  I’m about ready to leave for sample spree, but wanted to get theses posted!

Walking in this AM it was a lot busier.  These are shop owners figuring out their school house schedule for the day.  They go from room to room and listen to different speakers.  Really fun and you get a lot of info!

Pictures 161

How things change in one day.  It’s looking a little better from the walk way!

Pictures 162

Pictures 163

Special exhibits are getting set up…

Pictures 166

Pictures 173

Pictures 174

Fork lifts are everywhere!

Pictures 168

Sales Meetings happen in the middle of aisles…

Pictures 171

And the best part is we get to see lots of friends…

Like Brenda from Acorn Quilts…

Pictures 169

And Moda Lissa and me…

Pictures 191

And Sandy Klop’s Adorable booth…

Pictures 178

Opps, gotta run…more later if it isn’t too late.