Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pittsburgh we are here!

Up at 2:30 AM, out the door by 3:30 AM and on the airplane by 6:20.  Traveling through airports, changing planes, trying not to fall asleep, wondering if I forgot anything…

Pictures of downtown Pittsburgh on the camera, and no cord to transfer photos.  Maybe tomorrow, with a little luck I’ll find one.  Then you can come to market with me! 

Until then, new patterns are on the Bunny Hill web site and these little Carry Me Bags will soon be in the booth.  1 Honey Bun roll makes two bags!  Use one for knitting and one for carrying your appliqué projects. 

Pictures 089

Saw Camille Roskelley and Moda Lissa today!  It’s getting exciting around here! 

And maybe, just maybe I’ll find a camera cord and photos will follow!

Did you notice that I can now spell Pittsburgh?  You have to spell it right if you’re going to be here for a week. 

Back soon!