Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Is it the 5th already?

I have to tell you, I looked at the calendar this weekend and just couldn’t believe it was almost the 5th!  Does time fly faster when you’re busy?  I think it must!  I have new patterns coming next week, and today the next basket block!  Needless to say I’ve been busy!  It’s time for block number five! 

Block Five

Happy May Day, Happy Mother’s Day! 

So many of you have emailed me about finishing fabrics, measurements, etc.  for the basket block of the month,  I’ve decided to put the  instructions on my web site early.  I said December, but how long can I make you wait?   You’ll find the pdf here or here.   If you have your fabrics selected you can actually assemble row 1!  How exciting is that?

Here’s a little preview of how the quilt will look with the borders.  See that red stripe?  It’s a tiny little 3/4” inner border!  Just enough to frame the quilt.  You can find the yardage amounts and fabric sku’s in the newsletter that just went out today! 

Basket block of the month blogAnd how about that Redwork version?  I’m a little behind on finishing the quilt because of quit market.  The center is together, but the borders will have to wait until after market.  I can tell you this…it’s REALLY cute so far!  Of course I’m using my Chelsea Manor fabric! 

Redwork Block five

Basket block of the month 002-1

Are you working in wool along with my friend Anne Bryson over at Cottons ‘n wool?  I’m loving how it looks and we’ll be working on the finishing instructions for it in a few months.  We need time to recover from quilt market!  Click here and you’ll see what she’s created with block five!

Have fun with the newest block!