Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day Two continued…

It’s after 10 PM here and tomorrow is a long day, so this has to be brief.  Just had to show you some more photos of market. 

The Moda booth is decorated with linen from The French General.  She has this beautiful new fabric line out that actually has linen in it.  Very French and very beautiful! Pictures 175

Pictures 176

This is the Moda theme this market…DUZ it’s a special brand of Moda detergent…

Pictures 185

Check out this picture behind the Moda Home booth.  I swear it’s a Laundromat!  

Pictures 188

And a new mother/daughter team designing for Moda called Sweetwater.   They design scrapbook paper and this is their first line of fabric.  It’s wonderful!  Even has a canvas fabric.  The line is called Au-Then-Tic.  Soft greens, taupe, black and white.  Pictures 186

And can you guess the Moda designers that would use a pink garden hose to decorate their booth?  It’s  darling!  Little Birdies in nests on the hose! Pictures 183 It’s Me and My Sister!   And this is their new pincushion…it’s a patchwork egg!

Pictures 180

And just look at the line of Chocolate mailboxes holding their patterns! 

Pictures 181

And so my sweets goodnight.  We are back from sample spree and too tired for anything else.  I’ll be back soon.  Tomorrow is the first day of market…I’ll take pictures…