Saturday, May 2, 2009

It’s a good day!

Hi everyone!  Thank you SO much for all your well wishes for Bitsy.  She read every one of them and I can definitely say they made her feel better.  She had a good nights sleep, got some new pain medication, and today she is feeling much better.  She’s sleeping in her little bed right next to me as I write this.  Now please just say a prayer the biopsy on her side comes back fine. 

I didn’t mention in the last post that we had double trouble at the vet.  We went to pick up Bitsy and took Chelsea along.  Our vet insisted on weighing Chelsea.  Oh no!  We were in for trouble and I knew it!


Chelsea has gained more weight, not lost weight!  It was like being at a Weight Watchers meeting;  there you are, standing in line, and when it’s your turn to get on the scale they say “oh my, you’ve actually gained 5 lbs this week”, and everyone in the room looks at you!  For Chelsea it was only 4 ounces, but it felt like 100!  She had no idea she was getting that “look” from everyone, but I did.  EMBARASSING!

We’ve been asked to come in for a serious consultation. Just me and Ross, to talk about Chelsea.  Seems she’s been limping off and on on one of her legs, and that’s a sign of too much weight on her tiny little knees.  I may think a pudgy Chihuahua is cute, but veterinarians have their doubts.  Even a big Chelsea kiss for the vet, didn’t help. 

not me

I seriously think the percentage she made from her “Chelsea Manor” fabric line went to buy more treats.  How could I tell the vet that?  She’s never had a dog that makes money. 

So if you come to visit,  please bring carrot sticks.  Maybe Chelsea will learn to like them.  I guess if you’re hungry enough carrots taste great.  We’ll find out very soon I’m sure.

Back to pattern writing for me.  Remember to check back here on May 5th!  It’s time for basket number 5 and you’ll be getting a sneak peek at the borders!  See you Tuesday!

Have a great weekend!