Friday, May 29, 2009

Goodbye Clover Iron

Step Two Press

The bad news is…

The rumors have been flying since market that the Clover Craft Iron is being discontinued.  It’s my favorite iron for spray starch appliqué and this would be upsetting news.  Yesterday I was on a mission to find out for sure.  It’s true.  For now the iron is no longer being made. 

The good news is…

By fall market they should have another Clover Craft Iron to take it’s place.  Clover says the production plant has closed.  They are moving production to another plant in Japan.  Hopefully in time for fall market.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed.  Sure would miss this little girl.  Maybe when they make the new one they could offer it in pink!  A small pink iron with the Clover sharp little point.  That would be heaven. 


So my little iron has to last another four months.  She is on the endangered species list and believe me no one gets near her but me. 

Oh, and Kathy in Massachusetts, pour yourself a cup of coffee and have it with me!  Good Morning!