Saturday, May 30, 2009

Farm Country

Living in farm country has its benefits. I remind myself of this when I’m driving 15 miles per hour behind a tractor on a two lane road.  The little inconveniences are worth it! 

I drive past beautiful farms on the way into town. Fruit stands are open throughout the summer, and our area is known for wonderful produce.  People drive from all over just to experience the pleasure of picking their own fruit.

Early this morning Brigette and I were off to the Farmer’s market in town.

Farmers Market Opening Morning

Every Saturday, throughout the growing season, the locals bring their fresh baked good, produce and flowers to sell. 

Fresh Breads…

Fresh Breads

Fresh Pastas…

Fresh Pastas

California Strawberries…California Strawberries




Farmers Market May 2009 013

Fresh apricots…

Farmers Market May 2009 014

Fresh beets…

Fresh Beets

Pails of fresh flowers…

Buckets of flowers

Beautiful Gerbers….

Farmers Market May 2009 015

  These pink came home with me…

Farmers Market May 2009 017

Fresh honey…

Farmers Market May 2009 008

and the bees who made it! Brigette’s husband built the display case so we could all enjoy watching the bees work.    It was fun to watch! Bees

Farmers Market May 2009 009

It’s amazing this little area I live in.  Summer is the best time of year!

Have a great weekend everyone!  I’ll be eating my veggies!  Even Bitsy likes carrots but Chelsea hates them.  Figures doesn’t it?