Thursday, May 21, 2009

Feeling much better, thank you

I don’t know how the Europeans do it.  The time change just did me in.  My brain felt “fuzzy” and my words were actually coming out wardsback.  LOL! But today I am SO much better!  I couldn’t wait to get up to my studio this morning!

New fabric 002

I opened up my bundle of fabric from The French General and into my beautiful silverware box it went.  “Rouenneries” is my first Moda love from this market.  In shades of beige, taupe, gray, old red, and red, it’s so French and so elegant!  She even has LINEN in the line!  LINEN!!! Be still my heart!

New fabric 003

And what do you get when you put two green boxes together? 

Pictures 152

The unveiling…finally! 

New fabric 005

These are the precious little bunnies that Carrie brought to me at market!  Have you ever seen anything like them?  I adore these bunnies Carrie almost as much as I adore you!  Thank you so much!

New Fabric 006

And how about this bundle of “Sweet Abundance” by Camille and Bonnie.  I am LOVING this fabric too!  So many assorted colors to work with!  This is going to be a fun one and I can’t wait!

Pictures 197

Here’s a picture of me and Bonnie in Camille’s and Bonnie’s booth.  Had I known my collar was so bad I would have immediately fixed it.  You know that of course. 

And then it happened. I was in my booth and the PERFECT hair cut walked in.  A customer came in and really, I could hardly concentrate on selling her patterns because I loved her hair so much.  She’s from Italy and I want my hair just like hers but I can’t fly to Italy once a month. 

Pictures 286

She let me take pictures so I can show my hair stylist.  The next time you see me it will be from a side view.  Think I need to buy new expensive earrings.

More to come!