Thursday, April 16, 2009

This could be fun!

I’m so busy I hardly have time to post right now.  Please be patient because you know I love to post!  It’s killing me not to have time to chat with you!  But  I leave for Pittsburg spring quilt market on May 12th. and I am working, really hard to get everything ready! 

I’ll be giving you sneak peeks of a few new patterns  during the next 4 weeks but everything is in various stages right now.  Some are done, some are at the photographer, and some are still in the process of being made!    It’s enough to drive any bunny crazy! 

Uptown Baby For Blog

Remember the little brown and pink baby quilt I showed you a few posts back?  Here’s a better picture of what it looks like!  I used my Chelsea Manor brown bunny print in the center, put a pink flange around it and added borders with a few pieced blocks.  It’s a quilt you can use for everything depending on the print you choose for the center and it’s so, so easy to make! Chelsea really wants this quilt.  I may have to make her one! 

If you’ve been following me on twitter you know that a quilt shop in Sweden is using my A Tisket, A Tasket free pattern as their own.  The have covered up my copyright symbol and replaced it with the name of their shop.  The instructions have been written in Swedish.

I’ve given permission for quilt shops to hand out the pattern, but NOT to cover up my copyright and hand it out as their own.  This is against US copyright law, and copyright laws are honored between countries.  I feel sorry for the shop that has done this.  It must be desperate times for them.  I don’t mind if shops translate the instructions, but to cover up that copyright symbol is wrong.

And now for something special!  If you like embroidery & cross stitch here’s an online needlework shop opening today!  It just looks like so much fun!  Wish I had time to go shopping but I’ll leave that up to you!   My own patterns are calling.  Have a great week everyone!  I’ll try and be back soon! 

The Online Needlework Show