Friday, April 24, 2009

Thinking of you!

Just a quick hello everyone!  The days are flying by and going way too fast!  I leave for Quilt Market on my grand-daughter’s birthday, May 12th.  I’m a bit torn by that, but Pittsburg is calling and they didn’t ask me about dates in advance.

So it’s time for last minute sewing and pattern writing.  My newest block of the month is due back today from the quilter and we’ll be having a binding party later in the studio.  Then I’ll send it off to the photographer and a new pattern should be right behind!  Just a few more weeks to go!

Thought you might like a little peak at a few of the fabrics I’m sewing with this morning!  Just look at this little stack…


I’m making something really fun with this fabric.  It’s “Soiree” by Lila Tueller and Moda Fabrics. I’m adding some green polka dot ribbon!  I should finish this project today and it will be ready for photos too! 

Oh, and a little FYI.  If you’ve been thinking about buying that beautiful wool I have on my web site, now is the time.  The wholesale price goes up $1.00 on May 1st. and I’ll have to raise the price. 

More to come soon, I promise!  Miss you all.  Wish you could come help me sew!