Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Simple Things

When I’m the busiest, I long for the simple things in life.  Oh how precious those little moments become.  You know the kind, the everyday, ordinary moments that we usually don’t even think about.  I’ve been so busy lately that these little things mean so much more.

BitsyLittle things like the look of my old dog Bitsy, when she’s waiting for me to finish my work.   Can’t you see what she’s thinking?  “Are you done yet?  Come on Mom!”

Bitsy is almost deaf now.  She’ll be 14 in October.  And after two major surgeries she’s still a “spring chicken” so to speak.  Tomorrow she goes to the vet to get her teeth cleaned.  I HATE having to take her, but clean teeth mean better health.  I’d do anything for this little dog. 

Little things like a few moments in the sunshine with my Mooch cat.  Outside on a leash, rolling in the grass.  Yes, both of us!  These are the moments I treasure when I’m so, so busy!

Mooch in the back yard

Or little things like a new rose blooming in the yard.  Did you know I’m a rose fanatic?  I’m always buying new rose bushes and trying to find a spot for my husband to plant them.  Roses blooming

Not much time for roses right now.  Maybe in a few weeks, after quilt market.  

If your life is as chaotic as mine right now, go outside and take a deep breath!  Look around!  Hug your dog, your cat, your child, your spouse.  Smell that rose!  It’s heavenly! 

Be back soon,