Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why I do what I do!


I had a phone call today from the nicest customer who said she reads my blog all the time.  Hi Margo Odgen from Bakersfield!  I loved talking to you today.  You got me thinking about my business.  Really thinking!

The past week has been really stressful.   I deleted 1/2 the patterns on my web site.  Hopefully you didn’t even notice, but it took hours to fix. Now that things are back in order, I just found out that my shopping cart isn’t working.  Seems it doesn’t want anyone to buy anything!  It’s just one of those weeks.  All of this has taken time away from what I should be doing…working on patterns for a quilt market that’s coming up so fast I can hardly believe it!  AUGGHHHHH!!!


And then Margo called and  I started thinking about why I do what I do.  Aside from the obvious fun of quilting, I do this because of customers like her!  She made me feel good at the end of a rough week.  She likes my patterns!  Wow!  Sometimes I step back and I can hardly believe it. 

Margo said “I hope you’re working on a Christmas quilt for market”.  Well, guess what?  I am!  And there might be a few sneak peaks before too long.  

Thanks Margo for your kind words!  And thank you to every single one of you reading this, even if your name isn’t Margo.   It’s because of you I have so much fun creating!