Sunday, March 15, 2009

What are you doing today?

If you’ve been following me on Twitter you’d know the answer to that question! What’s Twitter? It’s like a short little blog, with just a few sentences. I’m blaming Kimberly at The Fat Quarter Shop for getting us into this! It took me almost a day to figure it all out. But, if Kimberly says Twitter we should Twitter! LOL!

Legacy fabric

If you’d been following me on Twitter you’d know I was working on this table runner yesterday. I’m using the Howard Marcus line called Legacy from Moda Fabrics and I’m in love! This fabric is beyond pretty! Now all I need is some border fabric to finish this off. I’ll be emailing Moda Lissa soon!

If you’d been following me on Twitter you’d know that I was going to do this post today! Amazing thing that Twitter, but I promise you I will not get a Twitter brain. Don’t worry I don’t have Twitteritis my little twittersweets! Hope this isn’t catching!

Here’s a little tip for the Tisket A Tasket block of the month…

My finished layout uses Moda fabric. If you want to use what I’ve selected I’ll give you the sku’s and amounts as they become available in the shops so you don’t miss out. I’ll have some of the fabric, but not all. It’s limited in supply so be sure and get it now.

Here’s the yardage amounts you’ll need:

Sashing: 1/2 yard

Sashing posts: 1/4 yd or 1 fat quarter

Inner Border: 1/4 yd

Outer Border: 3/4 yd

Binding: 3/4 yd bias, or 1/2 yd non bias

Here’s what’s in the stores right now:

Sashing Posts

Beach house sashing Beach House Dried Lavender Seaweed Gems

Sku# 2631-13

Inner Border & Bias Binding

I used the same fabric for both = 1 yard

Inner border basket block of the month

Beach House Faded Blooms Old Feather Pillow Ticking

SKU # 2636 – 12

Disclaimer: I’m waiting on the final yardage to come from Moda. I don’t have enough yardage to put the entire quilt together. I’m only looking at a few rows, so just in case I put it together and go “what was I thinking?” and all of you bought yardage you can’t hold me responsible. OK?

Thank you all for the wonderful, sweet comments you left in my last post! I am just so lucky to have you as readers!



P.S. If you were following me on Twitter you’d know what I was doing for the rest of the day my little twitter birds!