Sunday, March 8, 2009

Punch Needle Bunny

Coming your way in time for Easter. If you love Punch Needle you can make this little bunny in just one evening. She’s the bunny from block number three of A Tisket, A Tasket and she’s so easy to make!

Punch needle bunny for blog

Here’s what you’ll need:

Picture frame with 4” x 6” opening

8” x 10” Weaver’s cloth or fabric like Moda Bella cotton.

8” x 10” thin batting or flannel

Punch needle (I use the Cameo Ultra Punch)

Embroidery hoop and stand (I use the Clover stand and hoop)

Clover Hoop and Stand

Pearl cotton size 8, or 3 strand floss such as Weeks Dye Works: pink, cream & brown.

Let’s start!

Center the design and trace onto wrong side of background fabric.

Following the directions that come with your punch needle, stitch the bunny’s eye with brown, body with pink and tail with white floss.

Remove from frame, press background (don’t press the bunny).

Add two little flowers to embroider under bunny. You can easily draw these yourself. Just make sure you are inside the 4” x 6” dimensions. Draw a straight line for the stem, a “v” for the leaves, and five little dots to indicate where to make your lazy daisy stitches. You’re set to go!

Using 2 strands of green floss, embroider stem with stem stitch. Embroider leaves with a lazy daisy stitch.

Using 2 strands of pink floss, embroider flowers with a lazy daisy stitch.

Place finished bunny on top of batting or flannel. This gives the finished picture a slightly padded look. Center on cardboard that came with frame. Check to make sure it looks good in the frame. Then remove from frame and go onto the next step.

Fold extra fabric to back of cardboard. Double thread a needle and stitch as shown to hold fabric in place.

Back of frame

(Trim a bit of fabric under each corner on the back of the frame to help it lay flat .) First stitch from side to side in one direction, then the opposite direction. You may have to re-thread your needle 3 or 4 times.

Insert finished bunny and back of frame. Hang with a ribbon or place on a table and enjoy!

Need another quick gift idea? Needle punch a bunny (yes, I know I forgot her tail poor baby). Place wrong side of bunny on top of a scrap of wool or felt. Machine stitch around bunny, right next to loops using a tiny stitch. Trim backing fabric next to stitching. Using pinking shears trim wool. Add a pin clasp to back of bunny and pin to tote or jacket.

Little bunny on tote bag

Happy daylight savings everyone!