Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Bit of the Green!

Green, today is  a green day!  What can I put on my blog that is green?  Everything around here is pink.  Then Chelsea had an idea for me.  She said “why not use that picture you took of me with the green polka dot Chihuahua?”  She really likes the way she looks in that photo. I guess  3 lbs overweight doesn’t bother her at all.  “What a great idea!” I said, you get a treat!

So, Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Bunny Hill!

The real one please 008   

Bisty wanted to make an appearance today too.    She’s a toy fox terrier, and I couldn’t find any green polka dot terriers so it’s just her saying “Hi”.  She’s pretty sure she’s part Irish.  She likes Corned Beef so that makes her Irish right?

Bitsy Button

See those wonderful ears?  Well, we just discovered she has become almost totally deaf.  I have to speak very, very loud for her to hear.  I sound a bit crazy working away in my studio and talking really loud to Bitsy.  I guess at the age of 13 it can’t be helped.  At least she doesn’t need glasses. 

Hope your St. Patty’s Day is great!  Make sure to eat some cabbage for good luck!