Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Quilting the Bunnies

Oh those bunnies, those redwork bunnies.  How on earth do you quilt a redwork quilt?  Would have been so much easier to have a little framed picture or a pillow, but an actual quilt?  Takes a brave soul, and calls for a bit of daring.  After all didn’t we just spend hours doing that embroidery?  Oh my!

The answer for me was cross hatching.   I love the simplicity of cross hatching and while researching what had been done before, I realized I had a vintage redwork quilt right here at Bunny Hill!  Sure enough, it was cross-hatched (by hand) right through the embroidery. 

 Vintage redwork quilt

 Vintage redwork quilt 1

The Japanese cross-hatch many of their embroidered quilts.  Just look at the one in the photo below!  Isn’t it beautiful?

Redwork quilt

So, I decided to have the bunnies cross hatched.   The perfect solution would be to hand quilt, but of course time doesn’t allow that.   So I had Kristine quilt right through the bunnies.  Most of the stitches disappear into the embroidery.

Rabbit quilt

It’s a personal choice this thing we call quilting.  If it’s not for a judged show then don’t worry, and quilt as you like.  Remember, if you decide to quilt around the little embroideries and not inside, they will poof up. 

Do some research yourself.  You may find some quilting you just love!  These bunnies were made for love.  They’ll be happy with whatever you decide!