Thursday, March 5, 2009

It’s Basket Day!

It’s true, I’m a bit of a basket case today! A March basket case! It’s the 5th of the month and I’m ready with the next block of the month. You’ll find it here!

Block three Applique

Did you ever think you would see a bunny jumping over shamrocks? You should have known there would be something a little different in the March basket! At Bunny Hill we have to have whimsy!

block three redwork

Last month we had a little traffic jam on my web site, so this month I’ve called in the blog valets. That’s right, you can valet park over at crafts4me and download the pattern from there too. So if you can’t get on Bunny Hill, try here! And while you’re there you can pre-order the embellishment kit for A Tisket, A Tasket. It will be shipping in about 3 weeks. No, you can’t see what’s in it…it’s a mystery remember? If you buy the kit you have to promise NOT to peek tee hee!

Anne over at Cottons 'n Wool is working away on a wool version of A Tisket, A Tasket. You’ll love what she does with wool. And guess what? It’s really hard for her to cut into that scrumptious wool so give her a round of applause!

Have a great day everyone and remember to valet park! I’ll be back tomorrow with an extra little project you can make using the bunny in this block. Here’s a hint…anyone into a quick punch needle project?


It's 7AM here in California and look at what I just got in my email. The first block three to arrive is from Trelly in Spain! Look at how cute her block is!