Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Sweetest Bunny!

She was born in Germany and traveled to Paris at an early age.  Paris is where my friend Chickie found her.  From Paris she flew to the United States with Chickie, and then home to me.  She’s a well traveled Bunny and she speaks German and French!

Chickie Bunny Isn’t she the cutest fluff of gray and white fur you’ve ever seen?  I adore this little bunny.  I’m naming her Abby.  Must be those puffy little cheeks and little pink ears that give her so much charm.  Or maybe it ‘s her “international” flair.  She’ll have a place right next to my computer ( aka Brittney). 


Chelsea looks a little worried don’t you think?  She’s thinking about saving up for RosettaStone.  She thinks she can learn French in 6 weeks.   German many take her a little longer.  Silly dog. 


Thank you Chickie!  The bunny has a good home.