Friday, February 20, 2009

What a surprise!

Friends were asking me last week if I was doing anything special for Valentines day. Ha! I laughed. I’m so busy right now I’m thinking Quilt market not Valentines. I forgot the rule of life; when you’re not expecting it, that’s when the really special things happen.

Valentine gift

This gold charm bracelet was delivered to my studio by my sweet, sweet husband Ross. It’s even more special when I tell you the story behind it; two years ago he lost my gold charm bracelet with all the charms, when we were moving. It’s never been found and believe me we’ve looked everywhere. I’d given up on ever seeing it again. I thought he might have put it on top of the car while packing, forgot, and drove off. He’s done things like that before.

This Valentine’s day he replaced the bracelet! I was so surprised I just couldn’t believe it! Isn’t that the sweetest thing?

Tomorrow I’ll show you what my friend Chickie just gave me. Here’s a hint; it’s about 3 inches tall, furry, gray and white and well traveled! I happen to love them.